Just like a stroller calendar, here are our picks of the month! (Baby Jogger City Mini GtT, Mamas and Papas Urnoi, Combi Cabria, Chariot Cougar, Cybex Ruby, Britax B-Agile, Baby Jogger POD,  Mamas and Papas Luna Mix,  Joovy Koopr, BOB Revolution SE, Quinny Zapp Xtra,  Pliko P3 )

The Exclusive U.S, Debut of the Mighty Mutsy Evo!

 After testing out 337 strollers, I can unequivocally say that some push better than others. A lot. And some rise up into a category all their own--Stroller Nirvana. Some are just a joy to push. And when I get my hands on one, I am compelled to sing their praises. "Laaaaa!" Consider the praises sung to the brand new Mutsy Evo!

You HAVE to get your hands on one, and see for yourself. Just looking at online pictures will never do it justice. At the Cinco de Mayo Festival, Punch couldn't resist how easy it was to spin around, and he grabbed it out of my hands.


 All kidding aside, the Mutsy Evo was absolutely brilliant on the StrollerQueen Obstacle Course. I could push it to school and back with my left hand, holding a cup of coffee in my right hand. I went up and down hills, over gravel, grass and cracks. No problem! It almost makes me take back my conviction that air tires are the best outdoors. Almost. But every rule has exceptions. And the Mutsy Evo tires are fantastic. Monica was so impressed she wanted to run with it, although it really is not a jogger:


It seems that a lot of stroller companies have been putting out "mid-weights" these days, to compliment their current lightweight and heavier models. Mutsy knocked it out of the park with the Evo. Here's proud Papa Stellario showing how to reverse and fold his new baby:


 If you're wondering how comfy it was for SP 2.0, check this out. Sleeping like a, um, baby.

So if you're tired of all those turkey strollers

Don't be a sheep, or a llama! Buy the latest lightweight reversible in town,

for $399, and save on the bacon, too!


Mutsy Evo

Weight: 26 pds.

Width: 24"

Length: 32"

Height: 20"-44.5"

Seat Width: 12"

Seat Back:  20"

Seat to Canopy: 21"

Seat Depth: 9"-16"

Drop to Footrest: 8"

Seat to Floor: 20"

Folded: 12" x 26" x 24"(chassis)

Baby Jogger GT Review

 Still in our festive Spring mood, we head off to our elementary school's current fund-raiser, the Jog-a-thon. And what better to bring to the Jog-a-thon, than a bunny in a Baby Jogger?

 On your mark, get set, go! It's the new City Mini GT! For years, people have been asking me for a stroller that has a big seat and big canopy, is easy to fold, folds on the small side, has a deep recline, is fairly lightweight, and has A/T wheels. Now you would think that all these features wouldn't be that hard to find in one stroller. And you would be wrong.


   Until now, that is. The arrival of the GT has been so eagerly anticipated, that BJ's biggest problem is how to supply the demand. Oy, we should all have such problems! 


   As I mentioned in the "2012 BIG Stroller Roll-Out!", BJ's president said they listened to everything people said they liked, or didn't like, about the City Mini and City Elite. So they decided to "marry" the two, and the City Mini GT was born.  


   The idea (as we would all hope for our children), was to combine the best features of both. Think of it as the next generation. So you wind up with the more A/T wheels and bigger seat than the City Mini, but at a lighter weight and smaller size than the City Elite.

 The GT also incorporates the Elite's height adjustable handlebar, and flip up brake on the handlebar. 

  Like the Elite, it has "forever air", or foam-filled tires, with only one front wheel. But the Elite has 12" tires, whereas the GT and Mini's are around 8" diameter. 

 The GT does not have the raised "kicker", or legrest, of the Elite. There is no handlebar console. It's wheels are smaller, and it has a 65 pound weight capacity, vs. the Elite's 75 pounds (vs. the Mini's 50 pounds.) Weight-wise, and price-wise, it falls between the two.


  It retains the best features of both, including accessory brackets (so you can attach a snack tray, front bar, etc.) padded harness, auto lock, and quick release wheels,

 with a lock to swivel or fix the front wheel.


  There's the big net pocket on the back, and  a basket that you can actually get into, if the seat is reclined.

  The canopy is so huge that it features two peekaboo windows.

The back of the canopy rolls up, to reveal netting for air flow.

And the fabrics  are very easy to clean. 

And then, there is that stellar fold.

So how do you decide which one is best for you? Basically, if you are mostly indoors, are of average height, and want a fairly light stroller for in and out of the car, choose the Mini. If you are outdoors more, want the smoothest ride possible and the most features, and don't mind a heavier weight, pick the Elite. If you are doing a combination of both, but need a bigger seat and height adjustable handle, then the new GT will give you "a run for your money"! 


  Baby Jogger City Mini GT

Weight: 21.5"  pounds

 Width:  23"

 Length: 34"

 Height:  31"-45"

 Seat Width:  15"

 Seat Depth:  10.5"

 Seat Back:  21"

 Seat to Canopy:   25"

 Drop to Footrest: 10.5"

 Seat to Floor:  20"

 Folded:  24" x 11" x  32"

 Mamas and Papas Urbo Review


 Boy oh boy. Around here, we have been suffering from a holiday hang-over.


   For a week straight. It sure was fun while it lasted, though. 


 And we rode in style in our new over the top chic Mamas and Papas Urbo. 


Perfectly classic and elegant for New Year's Eve.


Yet practical and cute enough to meet Santa with his entourage.



It's sleek chrome frame, leather-like handle and bumper bar, white seat, and black chambray fabric makes it the perfect "urban Urbo." 


It's pretty light for a reversible, and oh so stylish. 


 Some stand out features are it's chrome wheels with suspension,


  ergo plush seat with full recline and legrest,


 chrome footrest,

super low to high leather-like handle,


  leather-like bumper bar,

 rain cover,


  shiny chrome frame,


 and gigantic canopy


 with peekaboo mesh window.


 The fold is quick, easy, and compact. And you can fit a lot of bags and coats in the basket, because the seat is so high. 


 And there are some great optional accessories. Hanging toys, blankets, footmuff, parasol, diaper bag...You can even get a carrycot for the Urbo. But it isn't essential, since the seat is fine for a newborn.


There are so few reversibles in this narrow and light category, and the Urbo is at the top of it's class.


   Speaking of class, you would be hard pressed to find a stroller that has more than the Urbo.


And if you are suffering a holiday cash hangover, the good news is that the Urbo is about half the cost of it's contemporaries. Now that is something to be jolly about!



     Mamas and Papas Urbo

Weight:    24 lbs. (14 lbs. Chassis; 10 lbs.  Seat)                   

Seat Back:   21"

Seat to canopy:   24"

Seat Width:   10.5"-13.5""

Seat Depth:   9.5-15.75"

Drop to footrest:   11"

Seat to ground:   20"
Length:   25.5"

Width:   21"

Height:   33"-41"

Folded:   32.5" x 21" x 13" (w/out bumper bar)

 If you want to see all the new stroller models coming out in 2012, go toFindtheBestStroller.com And if you want me to help you find the perfect stroller for you, click on "Consultations" on the left

Combi Cabria Review

I've long been a Combi fan. Readers of my "2012 BIG Stroller Roll-Out" know that I took a circa '98 Jungle Savvy Z to the Expo this year. It's always a tricky choice, because no matter what I take, people will say, "Why aren't you pushing mine?" So I figure if I take an old classic, then they will think I am just eccentric, and not playing favorites.

But it was a great choice, anyway. Ultra light, carry strap, great one-handed push.

And the new Cabria has a lot more features than the Savvy Z, like this peekaboo mesh window,

Snack tray,

Bigger wheels,

And bigger basket.

In fact, why don't I do a more thorough comparison to an older Ultra Savvy--yes, I have that one, too!

Actually,  I have three older Combis, and two newer ones. So I guess it's time to say thanks, for all the great strolls we've had together.

And enjoy the beautiful fall leaves!

Combi Comparison


 At first glance, they look quite a bit alike. But take a closer look.

The Cabria is quite a bit bigger, as you can see more clearly from the rear.  

 The basket is not only larger, but more accessible.


 The frame is longer, and the wheels are bigger. And the handlebar on the Cabria is higher, to accommodate taller parents.

The most obvious huge difference, is the huge canopy. I'm so happy manufacturers have finally become so responsive to our "Please keep the sun off my baby" pleas. The canopy on the Ultra Savvy used to be about the best on the market!

 Both have thick padded seats, with headrests and shoulder pads. Both have breathable air mesh fabric. The frame color is black on the Cabria and silver on the Ultra. Although it is also black on my "Z's".

The recline is a bit less on the Cabrio. The mechanism is different, too. The Cabrio uses a drawstring, while the Ultra Savvy uses a push button. But both have this wonderful enclosure feature, to make a sort of kind of bassinette.

And both have snack trays, carry straps, and cupholders; albeit of a different type.

The Cabrio retains one of the best features ever. A single bar handle, that still folds flat into a "Tri-Fold", rather than a "Book fold." It stands folded, and the wheels stay on the ground, so they don't make your canopy dirty!

Combi Cabria

Weight: 14 pounds

 Width: 21.25"

 Length: 26"

 Height: 41"

 Seat Width: 12"

 Seat Depth: 9.5"

 Seat Back: 18.5"

 Seat to Canopy: 25"

 Drop to Footrest: 7"

 Seat to Floor: 16"

Folded: 41" x 21" x  11"

Chariot Cougar Review


 Halloween night, of course, requires a different stroller than one used for the preps leading up to it. The perfect choice--my Chariot of Fire. What a "scream"!

 Reflective and orange and black, decorated with mini Jack-o-Lanterns. Positively "spooky" how it matches this "haunted house"!


  In the dark of night, you wouldn't want to be "tricked" going over an unseen crack, and have all your "treats" go flying. After all, they were hard earned by this mini UPS man. And we all know how "magic" he is to StrollerLand; especially when we are awaiting delivery of our newest stroller!

 These 20" air tires with suspension say "BOO" to tree roots, grass, cracks, mud, rocks...just about anything you might encounter that goes "bump" in the night.

 The back of the seat has an integrated helmet space, so your little "sorcerer's" head isn't pushed forward. And look at how "monstrously" big this seat is! It is going to come in very handy later, as you shall see. "Thrills" and "chills"!

 First, though, a little "trunk" or treating.

 Right now, I have the stroller wheels on the Cougar. They are made out of a "frightfully" hard rubber.

 But you can also attach a variety of "disguises", including a bike hitch, hiking harness, skis, or a jogging wheel! 


Great for running through a graveyard! And if you don't want that ghoul to grab it, you can store it in the back when you are not using it. Just attach it to the basket with the velcro buckles and straps.

And the jogging wheel's arms can be stored in the "click n store" brackets.

You can even store the strolling wheels, right on the chassis! 

And yet, they've thought of more! Suspension that adjusts to the weight of your littlest goblin.

And a quick, compact fold.

But this Cougar is fiercest on the roads.


It's no exaggeration to say that it has a "wicked"two fingered push. Whether the UPS man is running to a house, or riding inside!

 A really fabulous accessory is this top cargo rack. It is "spine-chillingly" brilliant! You know how you throw Halloween sweets and little pumpkins on the top of your stroller? 


Or sling jackets and bags and blankets on the canopy? Now, you have this "hair-raising" holder. No stooping down or digging in a basket like a "crypt keeper". It is so useful that it's "supernatural"! I would say this, alone, is reason to buy the Chariot. Although it's "spirited" performance is second to none.

I'm also knocked out by this "blood-curdling" covered back basket. You can hide a lot of candy in here.

 Close the cover, and brother and sister won't know it's there! "Sinister"!

 There is even a "ghoulishly" delightful net basket on the back for more storage.

And little net pockets on the inside of the seat for"gory goodies"!

So many places for my KitKats, yum!


 You can also get a handlebar console, with bottle holders, a zippered pocket,  and an ear phone port. It attaches to the handlebar, but has a strap so you can use it for a diaper bag, too. Very accessible. "All the better to eat candy with, my dear"!

 There is a plethora of accessories to "dress up" your Chariot. They include a rain cover, travel bag, storage bag, cup holder, hydration cage, side fenders, jogging brake, and strobe light. With all these other strobes,we would gave blended right in!

 You can use the Cougar for a very young "sprite",  if you get the infant sling, baby bivy (like a carrycot) baby supporter, or bunting bag. But these are for strolling only. Jogging comes later, when your "goblin" has good head support and can sit up well. And biking is even later, when your "zombie" can wear a helmet. That's usually around a year.

 Chariot has several different "thrilling"models--the Side Carrier, Corsaire XL, Cabriolet, Cougar, and CX.


The Cougar has side air vents, and tinted windows. And you can roll down the front weather covers to make it like a "cloak of midnight." There are three--a bug net, rain cover, and canopy top.

 The UPS man had a "ghostly" long night. Fortunately, the Cougar seat is "fearfully" padded. 


 And, he's out! Amazon "package" and all!


The cockpit is huge, and will hold a "vampire"up to 75 pounds. It comes in a double, too. Color choices are "pumpkin" orange," blood" red, and "gruesome" green.

 The seat doesn't recline exactly, but he is "resting in peace."

Chariot Cougar 1

Weight:                                      29 lbs. (with cargo rack, handlebar, rear tires, and stroller wheels)

Seat to canopy:                        24"

Seat Width:                              15"

Seat Depth:                               8"

Drop to footrest:                      12"

Seat to ground:                        12"

Length:                                      39"

Width:                                        26"

Height:                                       37"-42"

Folded:                                       42"x 24"x 12"

Cybex Ruby Review

If you have smaller children, and you probably do because you are reading this, you know that Halloween has become BUSY. There are so many preparations involved, that it is becoming like the scary Christmas. Scarecrow and ghost and witch making, card buying and sending, party planning, decorations, haunted houses, cookie and cupcake baking, and costumes. The dreaded costumes. If you have a teen-age girl, you know what I mean. This year we had to go to five, yes, five different Halloween stores to find her perfect outfit. It was a lucky thing I had my new Ruby Cybex in Twilight to navigate the animated aisles.

 It was also handy on our pre-Halloween visits. Yeah, see, I'm not kidding that it has become the spooky Christmas. 


 The stellar thing about the 2012 Ruby is, as you can see, this amazing canopy.

You would be  hard-pressed to find a stroller this small and light, with this kind of coverage.


 It can ratchet forward

Slide up and down for more headroom,

And unzip for even more coverage!

Cybex calls it the "Super canopy."

It is a great stroller for big kids, since the canopy height gives you an astonishing 30" of headroom!

It has squishy foam handles, which, at 42" tall, also makes it terrific for tall parents.

The side mesh keeps your child from sweating to death in the summer,and is easy to clean.


But the seat is still decently padded for comfort.

There is a carry strap in the back, so you can sling it over your shoulder.

Has a great little cup holder, that you can purchase separately.


It has an easy fold,


and an automatic lock to keep it closed.


Then it folds down into a nice little umbrella, so you have lots more room in your car for all that candy you have to go buy. 

Weight: 12 pounds

 Width: 19.75"

 Length: 23.5"

 Height: 42"

 Seat Width: 13"

 Seat Depth: 9"

 Seat Back: 21"

 Seat to Canopy: 30"

 Drop to Footrest: 9"

Seat to Floor: 13"

Folded: 41" x 12" x  14.5" (rear to front)

Back to school B-Agile 

 The end of the summer and the beginning of the school year usually collide with a resounding crash. But this year, school starts so early that it is more like a Titanic-sized explosion. 

It's enough to make you throw up your hands in dismay! 

But at least, we got the uniform shopping out of the way, with a big helping hand from the new Britax B-Agile!

 It's been said that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. If that is the case, then Britax is paying Baby Jogger a huge compliment, because they sure look similar.


They might have figured, "Why re-invent the wheel? Or maybe "If you can't beat 'em, join 'em?" 

Because in all fairness, it would be very hard to beat the popularity of the City Mini. ( See my prior review of the Baby Jogger City Mini. ) SO popular, that for a long time, the supply exceeded the demand. We should all have these problems! 

But if I had to guess, I would say Britax believes they were "building a better mousetrap" with their new B-Agile. Although at first glance they look identical, they are not. The B-Agile is smaller all around. Narrower, shorter, smaller wheels, and a pound less. 

The seat is actually larger, though, if you compare the dimensions.

Both the Agile and Mini have suspension on the wheels. The foam tires, however, should not be considered a substitute for air tires.

The Agile has the most amazing harness adjustment. You unzip the back, and slide up the harness adjustor. That's it! Brilliant!

The fabric is a little softer, and more cotton-y. Preliminary reports from our Citizens of Strollerland indicate it is not as easy to clean as the slicker, shinier fabric of the Mini. We decided this problem could be solved by the addition of a stroller liner. 

  Also, our Citizens have complained of the colors. Not as snazzy as the Mini's selections. Right now, the Agile only comes in red, or black.

The big requests are for the stunning emerald green, like on the Nimble (see prior reviews), or the funky Cowmooflage. But I think the reflective trim makes for a nice contrast on the black fabric.


 By the way, all of the uniforms you saw on the lap of SP 2.0 were stuffed into the Agile's basket!

 So it holds a lot, and is easy to access.

There is also an arched rear axle. That helps people with long strides from kicking the back.  Also, you can see the brake pedal on the lower right. Very easy to engage, or disengage.

 The backs of the Mini and Agile are similar. Both allow you to roll up the fabric and expose the mesh back; wonder for hot days.

 Reclines are similar, and done with a pull and drawstrings.

  The canopy is a little smaller, with only one peek-a-boo window, instead of the Mini's two. 

  The Mini also has a mesh pocket on the back, while the Agile has a large, fabric zippered pocket.

 The handlebar has a soft, squishy foam, vs. the hard rubber of the Mini's.

The fold is quite similar, in that you yank up the center strap in the seat. But you also push in the safety button on the side.  

 The Agile has an automatic lock to keep it closed when folded.

And, it even stands folded!

  Like the Mini, you can get an optional rain cover,  mosquito net, cup holder, travel bag, and a snack tray that clicks right into the Agile. 

Hopefully, these comparisons will help you to decide which one will work better for you. But they are both nice, so I'm sure you'll be happy with whatever you choose!

 Weight:                      16 pounds

 Width:                        22.5"

 Length:                      34"

 Height:                       39"

 Seat Width:                15"

 Seat Depth:                10"

 Seat Back:                  21"

 Seat to Canopy:         27"

 Drop to Footrest:       9.5"

 Seat to Floor:             16"

 Folded:                       22.5" x 11.5" x  29.5"

Board rider space:       8" on the diagonal


Two Peas in a Pod

Ever since we got the Baby Jogger Pod, the kids can't keep their hands off it. 

 They insisted we take it to the fireworks display, even though we already had another stroller. 

 Which was OK anyway, since we normally have a gaggle of children trailing along, wherever we go. So it's always nice to have an extra seat, for tired little legs.


Not to mention that the "glow in the dark" reflective material is a great idea at night for our night strolls. 

 "Have you ever seen such a cool ride, man?" No! I can't believe it!"


The kids call the Pod "Their little house." And they like riding in it with the dark bug net/sunscreen zipped up. I guess it creates a "womb-like" experience.

Another thing they like about it is the very high weight limit--100 pounds! So you can cram a couple of older kids in there. They might look squished, but they don't complain. 

And you can still even push it, without straining your wrists!

 The Pod does have two harnesses, for two children. But, you can re-thread it to make a single center harness, if you only have one rider. Ingenious!


You can make the handle higher or lower, by flipping it around. So tall parents don't have to stoop. and short parents don't have to put their arms in an awkward position. Neither is a very fun way to push a stroller!

As you can see, the bench seat is nicely padded, with a breathable fabric. There are also side mesh cupholders, see it there, in black? No recline, though. So your child has to be really tired to nap.


The mesh above the seat makes it more comfortable for a child wearing a helmet--which is a must if you are biking.

The addition of the handbrake is great. Especially going downhill, when momentum builds with the weight of two children.

The side windows open, to allow more air flow. They provide nice rain protection, and there is an optional front rain/wind cover you can get. So now you can stroll/jog/bike 365 days a  year!

Here is the rear storage compartment, with a toggle closure. It actually unzips on each side, if you need more room.

Speaking of closing, the Pod has the famous "one hand yank up the strap to fold", which has made Baby Jogger about the most popular stroller in the universe!

Of course, the versatility on it is amazing. We use it mostly in stroller mode. That features two  8"inch rubber wheels, 

 and 20" rear air tires. 

 But you can use it as a jogger (not for little babies, of course) by easily switching out to the 16" front air tire. And if you want to attach it to a bike, switch out the front to the trailer tow bar. 


 Which means you have a "three in one" stroller, whoo hoo!

Just remember that when you order the Pod, you are only getting the chassis, and rear tires. You have to order the front wheels or trailer tow bar separately. But whichever kit you choose, grab it while the weather is still nice, and enjoy the rest of this glorious summer!

Baby Jogger Pod

Seat Back:                               15"

Seat to canopy:                       24"

Seat Width:                             21" (single  bench seat)

Seat Depth:                             11"

Drop to footrest:                      6"

Seat to ground:                        14"

Length: (Stroller Mode)          34"                           

Width:                                      28.25"

Height:                                     37-42"

Folded:                                     31"L x 28.5"W x 20"H

Need more help in choosing your stroller? Click on the "Consultations" button on the left!

Mamas & Papas Luna Mix

Last Day of School Luna

No doubt it's a bittersweet time. Perhaps transition always is. The end of one grade, with the promise of yet a higher one coming. Sandwiched in between, the anarchy of summer. Bedtimes are discarded; schedules disregarded.


But a new stroller means *I* maintain my rituals. And what a way to end the school year with a bang!

The long-awaited, for me anyway, Mamas and Papas LUNAMIX!!!! Don't you just love it! Orchid, with a patterned seat insert, and contrasting denim canopy.

   As we peruse the last report card, sign the final yearbooks, I am thankful that I have this ointment for disappointment.

There are a lot of strollers that look good online. But remember, pictures will tell you little, if nothing, of their performance. If you don't have a specialty store near you that carries your coveted buggy, you can't try it out for yourself. And for me, this was the case with the Luna Mix.


 I fell in love with it when I first saw it at "The 2011 BIG Stroller Roll-Out!" I only pushed it around a little. It's a lot different when I actually put a stroller through the paces on the "SQ Obstacle Course."

 And I am happy to report that the Luna Mix turned in a stellar performance!

It's kind of a cross between the Baby Jogger City Mini, and Valco Latitude. Or maybe a Valco Ion/Joovy Kooper with a single handle. It's a nice "mix" of features that work for both indoors and outdoors, and for small or bigger children.  So it's a pretty good all around stroller, if you only want one.


I've been hearing a lot of complaints lately about baskets that are hard to get in to. But as you can see, this one is pretty easy to access.

 There is a front napper bar that swings open, extendable leg rest, and deep recline. 

Best of all, it is called Luna "Mix", because you have the option of mixing different color seat pads, footmuffs, and canopies.

The handle is height adjustable, with an astonishing 18" range. There is suspension on all the wheels, which is another reason it does so well outdoors.

The fold is small and compact, and you can pop off the wheels for an even smaller fold. 

So "pop off" to get yours today, and enjoy your summer strolling!

Mamas and Papas Luna Mix

Weight: 17. 5 pds.

Width: 23"

Length: 32"

Height: 26"-44"

Seat Width: 14"

Seat Depth: 9"-18"

Seat Height: 18"

Seat to Canopy: 24"

Drop to Footrest: 11"

Seat to Floor: 19"

Folded: 30" x 23" x 15" 


Denim and Selena

Will she or won't she? That's what the crowd wanted to know. We checked our watches, and held our breath, as the minutes ticked by.

But I digress...because after all, this is supposed to be about what stroller we took. The logical  choice--the "One Of", all denim, groovy Joovy Kooper!

It's simply smashing! I'm so sorry they weren't able to make more. Softest denim ever.

 And look how great the denim Skip Hop looks on the back!

 Not that you really even need it. Because the Kooper is chock full of pockets.

There are two on the inside, for sippy cups, bottles, toys, etc.

A huge zippered pocket on the back.  Joovy wasn't able to make more of these denim ones, because they couldn't get enough of the right fabric. 

  But, you can still get the Kooper in 5 other colors. Still get the same great humongous canopy, easy to access basket, umbrella fold, ergo foam handles, and deep recline.

And then, she appeared!

And the crowd goes wild!

It all started Thursday night. Selena Gomez was on the Jay Leno show.

 She joked around, answering questions about BF Justin Bieber, her new movie, upcoming album and tour, and ending TV series.

 Suddenly, after the show, she was rushed to the hospital. A collective gasp was heard throughout the tween and teen world. What was wrong? Would she be OK? Well enough to tour? The first concert was cancelled, and re-scheduled. And then she went back to the hospital again. So that is why her appearance today was a big "If", and everyone was cheering mightily for her, to show support.

When she took the stage, her "magic" began. It was 4:00 sharp. Extremely punctual; very impressive. 

And just as promptly, at 4:10, it was over. I'm not so sure she was all better, as the rest of the Media was reporting. But, God bless her, she did her best. The children were enthralled, and the Joovy Kooper was brilliant. 

Take it to a mall near you! 

Joovy Kooper

Weight: 17. 5 pds.

Width: 21"

Length: 26.5"

Height: 40 1/4"

Seat Width: 15"

Seat Depth: 8"

Seat Height: 18"

Seat to Canopy: 24"

Drop to Footrest: 11"

Seat to Floor: 16"

Folded: 46" x 13" x 12" 


BOB at the Beach

 I live in "3 B" country. Oh sure, you'll see the odd Quinny Buzz and Zapp, Mountain Buggy, Uppa Baby Vista, and Maclarens, of course. But by and large, around these parts, the big "B's", as I like to call 'em, are the dominators.

So we were eagerly awaiting the long anticipated 2011 Revolution SE, which had been shrouded in secrecy..


  It's the first time BOB has updated the Revolution in several years. Not that they needed to; at least based on it's popularity around here.  But I was really looking forward to this plum. So stunning! 


The changes BOB made to the Revolution SE pretty much address all of the complaints I heard about BOB, over the years.


  The first thing you notice is that the overall look is sleeker and more streamlined; a nice update.


    Here at the beach, you notice a lot of BOBS with faded footrests. The sun is pretty strong around here. But the new plastic tip will hopefully make that a thing of the past.


  The seat is much more padded now, and sits more upright. Some people thought the older style seat was too laid back, too hammock-y. 


  Some also thought that the narrow wheelbase of the old Revolution made it prone to tipping. The SE addresses that issue, adding two more inches of width. 


The basket seems a bit bigger, and more accessible, on the SE.

I wish it wasn't 2.5 pounds heavier. But at least the feather light, responsive steering has stayed the same. Ditto the springy, adjustable suspension.. 


  I personally like the newer, thinner handlebar. Feels better in my hands, easier to grasp.

I always liked those little side pockets inside the seat. Glad to see they are still there.


 The two-buckle back strap recline system now allows for more positions.


One change I don't quite get is that the wrist strap was moved from the bottom axle, to the handlebar. (Maybe so you could see the red buckle, that latches the Revo closed?) It's always a good idea to keep that on your wrist, especially if it's windy. But with the strap up on the handle bar like that, it is easier to flip the stroller backwards, if you fall down.  

    The canopy is still huge, with a bigger  peekaboo window..


As is the seat! It's wonderfully big---measuring up to 16" at the widest point! 


 And, by popular demand, there's now an integrated accessory adapter; which makes it a breeze to snap in a snack tray, or infant carrier!

Just one word of caution from the manufacturer; please don't run with infants under 8 months old. And ESPECIALLY not in car seats! The higher center of gravity makes any stroller prone to tipping.  Not a risk you want to take with your precious progeny.

Weight: 25.5 pounds 

Width: 24" 

Length: 36" (from front wheel turned inward to back wheel)

Height: 40.5"

Seat Width: 14"- 16"  Seat Depth: 8"

Seat Back: 20.5"

Seat to Canopy: 23-25""

Canopy to handle: 8" (board rider headroom)

 Drop to Footrest: 8.5" 

Seat to Floor: 22" 

Folded: 38" x 24" x 16"

Quinny Zapp Xtra Review

Extra! Extra! May Day! May Day!


I once reported on a May Day demonstration in Mexico. Thousands of people crowded the town square, protesting working conditions. In that country, it is known as International Labor Day. In this country, May Day saw me dancing around a Maypole with a wreath of flowers in my hair. As a little girl, of course. I  still don't know why. Except I'm thinking it was probably one of those pagan flower goddess holidays that was co-opted and watered down for modern times.  


 Now we seem to have random celebration or festivals, basically a good excuse to get out and enjoy the spring weather. And what better buggy to "weather" the crowds, than the new Quinny Zapp Xtra! 


As StrollerQueen readers know,  I have long been a Zapp fan. LOVE the pinkie steering,  cool look, and small fold. 


There were a couple of features that citizens of Strollerland wished the Zapp to have. Namely, a recline, and a reversible seat. Well, Quinny has waved it's magic wand and "poof", wishes granted!


There is a huge demand for lighter weight reversibles out there. Especially since more and more people are learning that sticking car seats in strollers is not such a good idea. 


 So this new Xtra helps fill that big niche. It is probably best to use it in reverse mode for a younger baby, though. Because in that position, the seat doesn't sit very upright.

The seat is very easy to recline and reverse. For both, you just pull down on the back lever. It's the same to reverse the seat, except that you also pull out a little lever on the right. Note, too, the linked brakes, and good sized basket.


You have to pop the seat off to fold the Xtra. But it is easy to do.  And having a separate seat adds a couple of pounds to the package. Which is to be expected. 

The egg shape of the seat means it's still nice and wide.  Definitely one of the bigger seats out there. 


Of course, you can use the seat forward facing, too, for toddlers.


 With a 50-pound weight limit, the Zapp Xtra is still very easy to push with heavier children.

Another nice new feature on the Xtra is the extended canopy. Still has the side peekaboo windows. 


 It seems like most manufacturers are offering bigger canopies for 2011. Which means those extra, giant, floppy overlays may become a thing of the past. They are useful, but it is always easier to not have to deal with additional pieces. 


Speaking of which, the travel bag and rain cover that used to come with the Zapp is now, well, extra.  Other additional accessories are the cupholder,  and footmuff. Car seat adapters are included.


 The reclining, reversible Zapp Xtra, with 4 wheels, is the only version that will be sold in the U.S. It's available now, so rush to get yours! :)

Weight:  21.5  pounds

Width:  23.5"

Length: 26"

Height: 40"

Seat Width:   15"

Seat Depth:  9"

Seat Back:  21"

Seat to Canopy:   24"

Drop to Footrest: 11"

Seat to Floor:   17"

Folded (chassis only) :  27" x 7" x 13"

Valentine P3


Roses are red,

violets are blue, 

this P3 is Iris, 

I love it, don't you? 

My first stroller was a Peg Perego Pliko (actually second, but my first was a Silver Cross, and that was a pram, so technically, I am correct.) I remember how the salesperson enthusiastically showed how to fold it and unfold it. To close it, you pulled up on the levers, then yanked on a lower handle. 


But his biggest glee was saved for the grand opening. It was one quick shake, and voila, it flew open. 


 I traveled with it everywhere, as one is wont to do with one child. And never once was it worse for the wear. You could load it down with bags, and it never tipped. The quick umbrella fold was perfect planes, trains, and taxis.


 It had a nice deep recline, and an extendable leg rest. Such a nice napping bed for all day outings. 


 But the two features that really got me were the HUGE canopy. So many times it came in handy for sudden downpours. 


And then, there was that incredibly unique feature--the rear steps for another child to catch a ride! Even at that time, I told my DH, I will never, ever, part with this. This is the most useful piece of baby gear that we have. In fact, I better get two, just in case they discontinue it! 

Of course, they didn't. And years pass; fashions change. The navy dots and stripes were unique at one time, but, well, now there were new and fresher colors out. Plaids became popular. And adorable patterns. There were ones whose names we never knew, so we made them up. The Van Gough- like "Starry Night". The Scarecrow "Fall Pliko." The pastoral scene "Farm Pliko." The "Frog Prince", "Easter Bunny", and "Martians." 


 The solids became en vogue. A few more I had: the red, yellow, and blue "Primary Colors". The red and silver "Metallic." Mint green "FreeStyle". Burberry-esqe "Moda". Orange "Hip Hop.Vibrant, matching framed "Mod Blu". "Polka Dot "Revi Black." 


 Peg Perego Pliko P3...

Yes I, as with most citizens of Strollerland, was never without a P3 in the stable. Although the colors changed, the good ol' P3 remained largely the same. Still able to carry 99 pounds of two little ones, still a universal favorite of most babies, (the seat is very padded, and very upright), still light and practical. 


  Nice big basket, with side access. 

 Hinged snack tray.  

  Cupholder, that can be placed in 4 different locations!


 height adjustable handles, 


  peekaboo window with mesh vent, 


 good sized wheels. 


 The latest Pliko is called the "P3 Compact." 


 Because, it boasts a 20% smaller fold.


Now the hardest part now is trying to decide which yummy color to choose for 2011. The soft leather trimmed "Paloma", or choclately "Java"? The exquisitely elegant "Pois Grey", or "Pois Black?" The vivid scarlet "Geranium"?   Or this year's hottest colors--the lavender and royal purple "Iris"?


I bow to the trend. 


 One trend the Peregos are bucking is the move to manufacture all strollers in China. Recently, Mr. Lucio Perego told me that he agonized over closing his factories in Italy. He said many of his employees had been with him for decades. They were like family, and he couldn't bear to bounce them out of their jobs. And so, they said "Ciao" to China, and kept the  Italian factories open for business. 


   One day, the Pliko will be retired, as will SP 2.0's cupid costume. Happily, that day is not today. Happy Valentine's Day, Strollerland!

 P3 Compact Peg-Perego

Weight:                             19 lbs. 

Seat to canopy:                 24"

Seat back:                         20.5"

Seat width:                        12"

Seat depth:                        11-15.5"

Drop to footrest:               10"

Seat to ground:                 19"

Width                                21"

Length:                              31"                                          

Height:                               41-43"

Folded:                              40"L x 14"W x 18"H