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Uppa Baby Cruz Review

For many moms, three things would make a Mother's Day perfect.  


  1.) Flowers.


 2.) Art made by our children.

3.) And an Uppa Baby Cruz. We were fortunate enough to get them all!

The Cruz has taken the Mom World by storm, because it has all the features we want.

It's reversible

Has a huge basket

A very easy to use center brake

A huge canopy with a pop-out sunshade


 And a mesh window on top.


There is a flat recline

 With an adjustable legrest

And you can get the Snug Seat from Uppa Baby, to make the seat more level for newborns.


  It's a wedge with a liner on top, to fill in this dip in the seat.

Weighing in at just 21.5 pounds, the Cruz is very light for a reversible.


 Yet it still manages to pull off a dinosaur-sized seat!

 Which is as rare to find as a stegosaurus egg!


The Cruz is so user-friendly, it's out of this world.

To fold it, you pull up the triggers on the handle. 

 To reverse the seat, you just push in these two buttons, and it pops right off. You can leave it on when you fold, it, if you want to. But it has to be in the forward facing position.

It stays close when you fold it, with this automatic lock.

The handle on the Cruz goes up and down. Here is the low position.


And here is the high position.

Which means it's smooth sailing for an adult to push it,

Or a child.


The canopy comes in a rainbow of colors


But I think the Sydney is just perfect

For our spring, starry nights.

 And for those sudden showers,

A rain cover is included!

  The wheels on the Cruz are made of a thick, hard rubber.


 But they are only 6-7", which makes it more of an indoor, light outdoor use stroller.


 It's not bad on sidewalks, though. The suspension surely helped it's performance on the SQ Obstacle Course.

 One more nice feature...the Cruz has a wonderful lever on the back of the seat to reline it. No drawstrings here!


Looking forward, soon the Cruz will have it's own bumper bar, snack tray, travel bag, and piggyback board!

Uppa Baby Cruz

Weight: 21.5 pds.

Width: 22"

Length: 30

Height: 40"-43"

Seat Width: 12"

Seat Back:  20.5"

Seat to Canopy: 24"

Seat Depth: 10"-17"

Drop to Footrest: 9"

Seat to Floor: 22"

Folded: 12" x 44" x 22"

The World Premiere Exclusive of the Valco Snap Dual!

Some of the moms at SP 2.0's pre-school have been asking me about doubles lately. These are busy families. They go to amusement parks, zoos, libraries, aquariums, and parks. 

 They are in and out of the car a lot running errands, and they travel a lot. Sound familiar? So we invited a curious group to the park today to take a look at the brand new Valco Snap Dual. The first thing Christine discovered is that her really tall 4 year old still fit under the generous canopy, along with SP 2.0. 

 She said the large, accessible basket would be great for Disneyland.


  She really liked how lightweight it was.


And she thought the flip-flop friendly brake was cool.

  Emily also was pleased that her tall 4 year old fit fine under the canopy. She's a mom of two, with a third on the way. This was the first time she had ever seen, or pushed, the Valco Snap Dual.


Even better, it's $449! Use that extra towards a beautiful, colorful seat pad from Valco to liven up the black. Word from on high is that it is too light to take the Joey seat. But for sure it is great if you have two children.

Valco Snap Dual

Weight: 22 lbs

Open: 29.75"W x 32"L x 41"H 

Folded: 29.75"W x 32"L x 13"H 

12"5" Seat Width

9" Seat Depth

9.5" Drop to footrest

19"  Seat back

25" Seat to canopy

18" Seat to ground

Rear Wheels: 10"

Front Wheels: 8"

Peg Perego Pliko 4 Review


 What umbrella stroller has a full recline, plush seat, big canopy, big basket, napper bar, legrest, adjustable handles, fast fold, AND a back step for another rider?

 A Peg Perego Pliko, of course!

Just the perfect choice for the "Knights and Ladies" B-Day party.

 I've continuously had a Pliko in my stable since StrollerPrincess was born. And she is now--gulp--turning 14!


  They just keep getting better and better.


  The latest version--the Pliko Four-- has incredible maneuverability. 


It's all in the new wheels. Check them out. There's only two! So less chance to get stuck on cracks or hung up on corners.


They have ball bearings for smooth rolling, and suspension for absorbing bumps and jolts.


The other thing you have GOT to check out is this denim fabric! 

It is such high quality. Most of the hot new strollers out seemed to have skimped on  the fabrics. But not the "Made in Italy" Pliko 4. 

Hmm, wonder if not moving to China is why.


   Really, how many stroller fabrics have you seen lately that has this attention to detail?

A jean pocket covering the mesh peekaboo window? How cute is that!


   And the canopy coverage is so complete that you don't even need an extra rain, or sun cover.


Trying to get somewhere with two tired children and a single stroller can be as tough as slaying a dragon. 


 Unless, that single has a standing step. 


     So no need to bring along a separate rolling board. 


  And even carrying extra weight, it still pushes with ease.


  Piece of cake!


  The basket is so big, it even has enough room for swords and shields!


The front napper bar swings out to make it easier for you to lift your baby into the seat, or for a toddler to climb in themselves.

If I could Knight this stroller, I would.

 For your long-time service of excellence to the Kingdom of Strollerland, I dub thee, "Sir Pliko 4."


 When the party's over, the fold is quick and easy. 


 You just pull up on the triggers, that are on the telescoping handles.


  The chassis will unlatch. 


 And then you yank this handle. 


    Peg Perego Pliko 4

Weight:                             19 lbs. 

 Seat to canopy:                24"

Seat back:                         20.5"

Seat width:                        12"

Seat depth:                        11-15.5"

 Drop to footrest:               10"

Seat to ground:                 19"

Width                                  21"

Length:                               31"                                          

Height:                                41-43"

Folded:                               40"L x 14"W x 18"H


 Easter Bunny Mylo


Quick as a bunny...what new stroller combines Italian grace with British style with Dutch functionality? And can now be purchased on the shores of the US? It's the Mamas and Papas Mylo, of course! 


  It's a super fun stroller to drive, yet elegant enough to wear with your Easter best. 


 The color is "Plum Pudding and Raspberry Ripple. And yes, it is as delicious as it sounds!

The seat sits really high up, so your child is always on top of the action. 

Naturally, the seat reverses.

The eggs match the balloons, 


 Look out! Look up!

I'm showing it with this glorious Missoni-esque blanket. 

Truly a must-have accessory. 

It's draped over the leather-like napper bar, which swings out easily for your independent child to climb in and out.

The handle is leather-like, also. I wanted to show you how much it adjusts in height. Here it is short.

And here it is long. Woweeeeeee

Outdoors, the springy wheels performed very well on the StrollerQueen Obstacle course.

The canopy isn't gigantic, 

But it provides enough coverage to get away from it all

And bury yourself in a book. 


At 21 inches high, the seatback is high enough for a taller child. 

But it reclines flat for a smaller one.


The seat is very easy to recline. Just pull the back lever. It also has a handle for carrying, very functional. 


 And if form follows function, check out this GORGEOUS changing bag. 



I have it attached to the front, but you can carry it on your shoulder as well. The "Mylo" lining matches the basket! And look at all the pockets! Have you ever seen so many?

You can also get the saddlebag for extra storage. Attaches nicely above the rear wheels. 


 A gain, the super cute lining, and loads of pockets. 

For me, the easiest way to fold it is to pop off the seat, then turn this handle.


  And, voila! This cute little package results. 


  Just what you would expect from the latest Euro child of the stylin' Mamas and Papas!


 Mamas and Papas Mylo

Weight: 12 pounds seat; 20 pounds chassis

Width: 23"

Length: 30"

Handle height: 38"-43"

Seat Width: 13"

Seat Depth: 10"-17" (footrest extended)

Seat to Canopy: 23"

Seat back: 21"

Drop to Footrest: 10"

Seat to Floor: 24 "

Folded: 38" x 18" x 12", seat; 23" x 27" x 9", chassis

   To see more 2012 models, go to FindtheBestStroller.com And if you would like me to help you choose a stroller, look to the left and click on "Consultations."

Joovy Cocoon X2


My philosophy is that everyone should celebrate the New Year by having fun. Bubbly, happy, festive, strolling fun. And what's more entertaining than a stroller/jogger/bike trailer at the beach? OK, I can think of a few things...

But anyway, the Joovy Cocoon X2 is something to toot your horn about. It is just a really enjoyable vehicle, whether you are in the sand, snow, playground, or in the 'hood.

For starters, you can put two kids in the X2. Two very large kids, for a total weight of 100 pounds. Now you may think pushing 100 pounds of kids is difficult.

And in most strollers it is. But not in the Cocoon. I did it, one-handed, all over the boardwalk, and all over an amusement park. I am totally not kidding. The 20" wheels and overall design of the Cocoon gives it a phenomenal push.

Kids really love the view, both front and sides. The visibility is amazing.

There is  huge rear compartment to store bags, party hats, and horns. I love the way it zips up to keep everything nice and safe, and protected from blowing sand and sea spray.

You can roll up the front covers, for an unfettered view. There is both a velcroed rain cover, and zippered bug net.

The rain cover is great for wind and chilly temperatures. It really keeps children toasty warm when it is closed.

I am a tire purist. And I really love that the Cocoon has air tires all the way around. That's how it glides over soft sand.

Allows me to push it where no other stroller dare go. And THAT is a blast!

It is even easy enough for StrollerPrincess to drag through the soft sand, and up a hill. Look how cool all the reflectors are. Nice to know they work!

Granted, 20" wheels are pretty big for the average car trunk. But you can easily detach them,and the front wheels.

Even the handlebar comes off, for more compact storage. It, and the wheels, remove with the old-fashioned "key" system. I wonder if this is what keeps the weight down?

I am showing the Cocoon X2 in stroller mode here. But, you can easily attach it to bike, or switch the small swivels to a big jogger wheel. You would insert the optional hitch or wheel right in the front center:

Inside, there is a little pouch on each side of the seat, for bottles, sippy cups, toys, etc. Of course there are two 5-point harnesses, which is especially important if you are using the Cocoon as a bike trailer or jogger. And the seat is very spacious. If you have a child who likes to hop in and out, you don't have to feel weird that you're pushing one child in a two-seater.

As my friend said, "There's so much room to haul all our junk!"

I tell ya', people love this thing! I had parents chasing me around both on the beach, and at the amusement park, to ask questions about it.

One thing they commented on was how short it is, length-wise. Which means you are less likely to run into people. Only 33" (see measurements below.)

But they couldn't know that it also weighs even less than that! 32 pounds is quite light in the world of  A/T doubles.

They did find out how easy to push, because they tried it out. Even with their own children in it! That's how much excitement this Cocoon inspires.

I'm showing it in stroller mode here. But, you can easily attach it to bike, or switch the small swivels to a big jogger wheel. You would insert the optional hitch or wheel right in the front center:

But it wasn't just other parents who were enthralled by the Cocoon X2. SP 2.0 loves it, too!

I mean really, kissing a stroller? Yes, a true Prince.

So don your hats, blow your horns, give a cheer, and welcome 2011 into the Kingdom of Strollerland!

Joovy Cocoon X2 Enclosed Double Stroller, Black

Weight:                                  32.5 lbs.

Seat Back:                              23"

Seat to canopy:                      23"

Seat Width:                            23" (single  bench seat)

Seat Depth:                            10"

Drop to footrest:                    12"

Seat to ground:                      12"

Length:                                   33"

Width:                                    30.5"

Height:                                   40"

Folded:                                   50"L x 23"W x 20"H (with wheels and handlebar)

                                               38"L x 23"W x 12"H (w/out wheels and handlebar)

Mountain Buggy Terrain


 It was a dark and stormy night. Yet, the husband insisted that this was the night we must get the quintessential Christmas Tree. I  was hesitant, but then what to my wondering eyes did appear, but the "can do" Mountain Buggy  Terrain! Sharp, yet rugged.


 Now if any buggy can tackle that sloshy wet mulch and wood chips that our lot is known for, it would be the 16" tires on the Terrain.

 It's the 4th in my MB line-up. I have the MBUD, Swift, MBUS, and now the Terrain. I was confident in the ability of any of them to handle those conditions. But the Terrain, with it's big wheels, suspension, covered basket, and higher seat, would be especially well-suited. I had already been testing it on the Strollerqueen Obstacle Course, and was amazed at how it would glide over a bed of river rocks, one-handed, almost the same as if it were on the sidewalk.

 And oh, the rain, it did come down. Coating the canopy, the handlebar, and the handbrake.  Which still worked soaking wet, btw.

This handbrake, combined with the big wheels, makes the Terrain the MB that is best suited for running. And based on this lousy weather, I would say the best for big snow drifts, too. It helps that you can also lock the front swivel wheel outward.

I added the MB red fleece seat pad, and voila! the Christmas feeling. And the pull-out sun visor, also comes in very handy in the rain.

I am happy to say that despite the storm, SP 2.0 picked a tree that was big and beautiful, the best yet!


 The next day the weather was much better. One thing I always marveled about was how quickly my other Mountain Buggies would dry. (So easy to clean!) Fortunately, the Terrain followed suit. So now it was perfect to try the Terrain in more moderate conditions. I've had MB's since 2001. As citizens of Strollerland know, I was their first US customer! So I've been singing MB's praises for nearly a decade.

When the Urban came out, I often recommended it as the stroller to get if you only wanted one, that could do it all. I used to take mine to the Farmer's Market, then to the beach, then to a restaurant, and never skipped a beat. I wanted to see if the Terrain was just as versatile.


  The big wheels had earned their keep on the stormy Christmas Tree lot. But how would they handle searching for a pre-teen girls' Christmas Irish Dancing dress? I mention the details so you can see that this would be no easy feat. It would require a lot of zipping in and out of small stores, and be comfortable enough to keep SP 2.0 reasonably happy.


   And I am pleased to report that I was impressed beyond reason. Although the Terrain is certainly not what you would call a small stroller, it's maneuverability is so fluid that I could navigate all the tightly packed Christmas racks one-handed, and not knock anyone over in the process. Halleluia! I don't think I have ever pushed a stroller of this size that was so nimble. So I was happy.

 The Terrain has a good sized basket for shopping, with a big rear zippered pocket.

The basket has a front pouch, and a net zippered top. There are net pockets on both sides of the canopy, and

dual built in cup holders!

There are even pockets on the inside of the seat.


 And like the rest of the Mountain Buggy family, it stands alone folded. So it wasn't too bad in the back of the car. I think this is another reason I keep accumulating so many. They stand up so flat and neat in my closet, unlike most A/T's that are bulky and fall over. And how about SP 2.0?  He was happy, too. He loved the napper bar, and  fleece seat pad,  Check out the face of contentment.

The Terrain has a full recline, but we didn't even need it, because it is so comfy as is.

And DD was happy, because she was able to find the perfect dress, thanks to the awesome performance of the Mt. Buggy Terrain. A true Christmas miracle!

Here's hoping that you find a Terrain under  your Christmas Tree, or Menorah!

 Mountain Buggy Terrain

Weight:                                 30 lbs.

Seat Back:                         20"

Seat to canopy:                23"

Seat Width:                       14"

Seat Depth:                        8"

Drop to footrest:               9.5"

Seat to ground:                 22"

Length:                               40"

Width:                                 24.5"

Height:                                33.5-46"

Folded:                                42.5"L x 24.5"W x 15.5"H

Baby Jogger City Mini 2011 and Glider Board


In my last review, I talked about the 3 "Big B's" that rule my local Strollerland. I showed you the first, now here is the second, sitting grandly under the iconic Tommy Trojan, at USC.


 In luscious, lascivious purple.



  It's the new, 2011 Baby Jogger City Mini, with glider board!


Years ago, when the City Mini first came out, one of the members in Strollerland had a question about it. So I asked CEO Dave Boardman , at the "BIG Stroller Roll-Out!"


The question was--"Why haven't you made a ride-on board for the City Mini?"  Dave thought about it, and his reply was "Because no one has asked! But now that someone has, we will work on it."

And, good to his word, they did! Here it is! It's marvelous. The surface has a non-skid grid, to help little feet stay on board. It can attach to the single or double, and holds up to 45 pounds. You can also strap it up, if you aren't using it.

We had a lot of walking to do at this Festival of Books; through throngs of people. A true double stroller would have been hard to navigate. This is the kind of situation where the Glider excels.

I've had boards in the past that were very difficult to attach, and took the patience of Job. But, as is everything else in the BJ line, the Glider is easy.

As for the City Mini itself, there were a few improvements made for 2011. The seat now has a board in the back to make the seat stiffer. 

The slouchy seat was a common complaint about the City Mini. There is also now a strap you can pull to make it more upright.

You have to hand it to the Baby Jogger crew for listening, and responding!

The basket is also bigger, and easier to access.


 But they also don't mess with success. The fabulous huge canopy, and one hand, one step fold remain. 

And as for the push with the board, loaded up with two kids...well, we were able to do it one-handed, over grass, across busy streets, and through crowds, all day long. The steering was fluid, too, not clumsy or heavy.

 Aside from the Glider board, there are loads of accessories you can add--including car seat adapters, carrycot, snack tray, belly bar, rain cover, and travel bag.   


   The seat on the Mini is larger than average, with a deep recline. Yet the fold is smaller than average, and you don't need a University degree to fold it! 


 Baby Jogger City Mini 2011

Weight:  17  pounds

Width:  24"

Length: 36"

Height:  40.5"

Seat Width:  13"

Seat Depth:  9"

Seat Back:  21"

Seat to Canopy:   25"

Drop to Footrest: 10"

Seat to Floor:   19"

 Folded:  24" x 9" x  32"

Glider Board:  

15.5 x 9.5 x 7 (w/out attachments)

Attachments: 3"

 Weight: 5 pounds


Quinny Senzz

 When I think basketball, I think big. Tall. 


 Which makes me think of tall seat strollers, for big kids. What better stroller to take to the game, then, than the latest entry into the huge seat stroller category,  the Quinny Senzz?

 Not to mention that the color is Bruins blue, haha. 


  The Senzz is one of those "More than meets the eye" strollers we've been seeing lately. In other words, it has a lot of features that aren't necessarily apparent at first blush.

 First, there is that aforementioned big seat. Big enough that my 9 year old could sit in it, my 12 year old could sit in it, and even *I* could sit in it!  Not only that, but even with those big kids in it, it was shockingly easy to push. Hardly felt the difference between them and SP 2.0.

 The harness is long, and very easy to adjust.

 The canopy is much bigger than it seems, and retracts quite nicely.


Here is the recline with the canopy up.

And with it down.

It's done with a back lever, which many people find much easier to use than a drawstring.

The fabric is soft and pretty, very complimentary to the aesthetics of the frame. 


Which makes for a comfy seat, to watch all the action.

 Fun to fold, and folds into a tight little package. Has a carry handle, and stands alone folded.

 And it locks automatically, with a side latch. 

  I thought the square handle would bother me, but it didn't. It is so thin and light, that it is actually quite comfortable to hold.


 A lovely detail that you won't see in pictures is the basket. It actually is a woven, wicker-type basket!


Interesting to put such a retro feature on such a modern design.


 And speaking of baskets, haha...


 At least some people were excited, lol!


 How did the Senzz perform on the SQ Obstacle Course? Slam dunk! Handled grass, mud, gravel, wood chips, uneven sidewalks, and big bumps a lot better than most other strollers it's size. It's really strong point was stairs. So easy to roll up and down. The wheel base is the perfect length.


 Of course, it is not an A/T stroller, but it is not meant to be. Quinny set out to make a mid-range stroller to fill the gap between the bare bones Zapp, and the full featured, reversible Buzz. I think they did a marvelous job.

 Quinny Senzz 

Weight:                            18 lbs. 
Seat Back:                        18"
Seat to canopy:                25"
Seat Width:                      16"
Seat Depth:                     
Drop to footrest:                8"
Seat to ground:                 15"
Length:                             29"
Width:                               24.5"
Height:                              41"
Folded:                              28"L x 25"W x 9"H

Happy Techno New Year!
There is just something so festive about Maclarens. Well some, anyway. For 2009, my New Year's stroller was the Shanghai Tang Quest. And to usher in 2010, I chose an all-black Techno XT, with a gold liner. Doesn't get much better than this.
I am just crazy about all the great liners you can get from Maclaren now, to compliment any season, or occasion. And since this is winter, I also went with the all black faux fur footmuff (say that six times, real fast!) Kept my Happy New Year baby cosy and warm!
I'm not sure if the mood was as festive over at the Maclaren HQ's. 2009 saw them embroiled in one of the biggest baby product recalls of all time, affecting one million strollers. The recall was initiated by Maclaren, after a dozen children had their fingertips amputated by the hinges, when their stroller was being folded. But, to put it all in perspective, this is 12 out of one million, over the course of a decade. Naturally, I am terribly sorry for any child who is hurt. When I was six, I had the top third of my right middle finger amputated. It was dusk, and I was reaching into my Dad's car trunk, for the last bag of groceries. My brother thought we had finished unloading, and slammed down the lid of the trunk. It shut and locked, trapping my finger. To this day, I can still see the horror on my Dad's face, as he frantically fumbled for the keys, amidst my ear-piercing screams. It was traumatic and horrible, but we didn't think about suing the car manufacturer. It was what it was, a tragically freak accident. I guess my point is that any stroller that folds has moving parts that can be dangerous. So always make sure children's little hands are far away when you are closing, or opening any pram, buggy, or jogger, of any brand.
Back to the Techno...check out this canopy! It is HUGE! It unzips to pull down so far that you almost don't need the included raincover.
It has two huge pockets in the back of the canopy to store that cover, just in case, or a mosquito net, or whatever detritus we parents seem to accumulate.
And wowee on these wheels! With these reflectors, they can see you coming a mile away. And both front and rear have suspension.
And these new WONDERFUL wheel covers keeps them fully encased, so no street dirt will soil your beautiful liner or fabric.Makes a tidy little package when you are carrying it, too.
You can get the "universal organizer" for cups, bottles, and more stuff.
And check out the new handles. So elegant! Still height adjustable, too.
Of course, the reflections don't stop with just the wheels. There is so much of it, that it is hard to get a non-glowing picture, lol!
One thing to keep in mind about the Techno is that it has a flat recline and extendable legrest for a little baby. Yet it also has a huge amount of headroom for taller children. So it really can be your one and only stroller that will do-it-all, from birth until Kindergarten! It has a 55-pound weight limit, but more importantly, you can still steer it one-handed, even carrying heavier weights.

Maclaren Techno XT stats:
Weight: 17 pds.
Width: 18.5"

Length: 24.5"
Height: 40"-44"
Seat Width: 13"
Seat Back: 18"
Seat to Canopy: 27"
Seat Depth: 10-14.5"
Drop to Footrest: 9"
Seat to Floor: 15"
Folded: 12" x 12.5" x 42"

Mamas and Papas Sola Review

Sola at the Getty

 When I first saw the Mamas and Papas Sola in "Grass", I immediately thought "Monet."


Do you see it?

 How about now?


OK, well, at any rate, that is how it struck me. Therefore, what more fitting place to take the Sola on it's maiden run, than to the Getty Villa?

The Sola is magnificent. A thing of beauty; a work of art. See how beautifully she blends in with the gardens.

But what's up with the fountain? Halloween is over!

 Aside from the aesthetics, what I love about the Sola is how user friendly it is. To reverse the seat, you just grab the handles and pop it right off. And to fold it, you just pull up the two side levers on the handles, and down she goes. You can fold the Sola in one piece, if the seat is facing forward. It is still quite compact.


And as prams go, the Sola is quite small. One of the smallest you can find, really. So I didn't have to worry about bumping into a 6,500 year old statue; some of which had already lost their hands, or arms, or heads.

 The handle is height adjustable, and has an amazing range. The legrest is nice and long, too.


Here is the Sola in full recline. I have the optional matching footmuff on it. I highly recommend it.

 The tires even blend in with the marble floor, haha. They are foam, not air. Some people prefer this, because they are lighter weight, and require no maintenance.

 The wheels also have front and rear suspension, which means they do pretty well outdoors. Oh, and the basket holds a lot more than you think.

 The canopy provides really nice coverage. It has a mesh vent for better visibility, and air flow.


 See how far out the handlebar extends? If you attached a riding board to it, your other child would have plenty of standing room.

 These pictures were not that easy to take, btw. Because everywhere you looked there were guards. Like every 10 steps. And the main job they had was to chase us around, and tell us not to use a flash.

 As we left the Getty, the sun was setting. SP 2.0 was sleeping peacefully.

  Until the guard came up shouting, with her walkie talkie on full blast, that she was locking the door, so GET OUT.

 And then suddenly, "A bee! A bee! A bee!" the original Strollerprince was hopping around in circles, and up and down. Before I could even take a look, guards came running. They handed my friend a flashlight. And sure enough, there it was, right between his thumb and forefinger. A giant stinger, that was swelling up his hand and coloring it purple.

But, the Getty guards to the rescue! They said to please wait a moment, while they got out their bee-stinger removal kit. "Oh, no way", I said. "Museum guards carry around bee-stinger removal kits?" "Oh yes ma'am," he responded. "We're first responders."

So they came in handy after all.  Even let me use the flash outside. And then I had to fill out paperwork. Pages of it, with a narrative of the event, ID, stats, etc. SP 2.0 found the whole thing hilarious. All the way back to the car, he mocked his poor brother. "Oh no, A BEE! Haha! A Bee! Haha! It's a BEEEE....Haha"...

Mamas and Papas Sola

Weight:                               25 lbs. (16 lbs. Chassis, 9 lbs, Seat)

Seat Back:                         21"

Seat to canopy:                23"

Seat Width:                       13"

Seat Depth:                        10-16"

Drop to footrest:              11"

Seat to ground:                20"

Length:                               27"

Width:                                23.5"

Height:                               27-43"

Folded:                              33"L x 23"W x 12"H



Superlite at the Pool, Parade, and Pier

Here's one of the most common questions I get... "Strollerqueen, I love my Volo, but I wish it had big air tires. Is there such a thing?" And the answer is yes, but a qualified yes. Because it isn't actually a Volo. It is the new, and improved "Micralite Fastfold Superlite!"  

 Check out these 12" beefy air tires. They can really handle the rough stuff. And the brake is flip-flop friendly, lol!

Though the front wheels are spaced widely apart, the rear is extremely narrow. At 15", that is the narrowest you will find on a stroller. In cramped spaces, I tilt it back and roll it on the rear wheels.

The Superlite belies the idea that air tire strollers have to be heavy. It weighs in at an astonishing, Mac-like, 14 pounds! So the "Superlite" part is really true.

One of the places the stroller saves weight is in the seat. It is all mesh, just like the old Volo.

 The mesh seat is ideal for the pool, and very breathable on these hot summer days.

 The "Fastfold" part is true, too! And it's easy. Just follow the instructions to "Press and Lift".

Slide up the handle...

And it stands alone folded! You can grab the handlebar in the center and roll it behind you for easy transport. The fold is really compact. And you can pop off the rear  wheels if you need it smaller.

The handlebar is height adjustable. It goes up or down by unlocking these clamps--from 37" to 45"! On the old version, you had to use an Allen wrench to adjust it. So this is a great improvement.

 Another improvement on the "Superlite" is that the frame is feels much more solid. It's not rattly outdoors at all. The one handed steering is still superb. Really as good as it gets.

  You might think the design would make it back tippy. But look at how I have it loaded down!

 Of course, you can't hang quite as many bags on the back if the seat is empty. But you can recline the seat by sliding down the top two levers on the back of the frame,

 and then you have a lot of space between the seat and frame to for your pool bag!

Here are a couple of shots without the bag, so you can see how much the seat reclines. The hammock-y sling seems quite comfortable.

The handlebar is in the tall position, by the way.

  The Micralite Superlite isn't just for the pool, though.

We've had fun with it at a parade.

And the pier. For a smoother ride on the bumpy wooden planks, I popped  it back and rolled it on the big rear air tires.

You can see here that the basket holds quite a bit, too. Another reason it lives in my car. It takes up little space, yet it is versatile enough to handle whatever summer adventures come our way.

Weight:                               14 lbs.

Seat Back:                          21"

Seat to canopy:                 23"

Seat Width:                       14" bottom, 8" top

Seat Depth:                       10"

Drop to footrest:              10"

Seat to ground:                18"

Length:                              27"

Width:                               15" rear, 24" front,

Height:                              37"-45"

Folded:                             15"L x15 "W x 43"


 "The dolphins surrounded our boat", my friend said. "Dozens, maybe more. Jumping and spouting and racing us. They swam so close the kids could pet them." That made up my mind. We would have StrollerPrinces's birthday party on her boat. But, what to do with StrollerPrince 2.0? How could I manage to keep him from falling off the side of the boat, climbing over the railing, etc. while managing a whole party of wild little boys? The answer, as in most everything in my life, was a stroller.

And not just any stroller. It would have to be small enough to fit, and not be overly obtrusive. Because, let's face it, you don't usually use strollers and boats in the same sentence. Unless, of course, you live in the Kingdom of Strollerland.

This would have to be a stroller with a reliable harness, to keep SP 2.0 safe. Comfy enough to keep him happy. It would need to have a rain cover, to protect from sea spray or wind.

One-handed steering is a necessity, for pushing it down the boat dock and using the other hand to carry party decorations, and the birthday cake.

 Or when you needed both hands free, a  carry strap so you could sling it over your shoulder.

A small fold is a must so you could stow it away.

 Oh, the fold must be quick and easy, too, so my attention would be diverted from the party boys.


Aesthetically, must not stick out like a sore thumb. Must blend in. 

And the perfect choice--the Triumph of the seas! 

Our day was quite a success, and even more so because I could keep SP 2.0 safely harnessed in to the seat. No, he didn't sit there the whole time. 

  But for the times he needed to, like loading and unloading the boat, it was invaluable. Even gave him a nice spot to nap, or kick back!

Yes, we saw dolphins, lots! Rows and rows of them diving and spouting. Yes, they swam close enough for the kids to pet them. They even dangled their feet into the water, and put them on the dolphin's backs. Unfortunately, they were to fast for me. Every time I clicked the camera shutter, I got pictures like this:

Or this:

Honestly, I think this one was even cackling at me, though he did allow me a slight glimpse. Look to the lower far right.


I'm stickin' to photographing strollers! They don't move, unless you make them, lol!

I must say I love this racing green Triumph. Love the color (and the new Majesty purple. So deep and lush! Not as apropos for an ocean venture, though. ) Love how solid, and "non-rattly" it feels.

Oh, and yes, it has the hinge covers. And they match.

Love the nimble steering, love the  light weight, love the tiny size. A 5-Crown Royal Ranking to be sure!


Weight:                     11.5 pounds
Seat Back:                18.5"
Seat to canopy:         27"
Seat Width:               12"
Seat Depth:               9"
Drop to footrest:       9"
Seat to ground:         12"
Length:                      23.5"
Width:                        17.5"
Height:                       41"
Folded:                       41."L x 11" W x 6" H


It seems that everywhere you turn these days, you see a celebrity pushing this:Ooops, sorry, wrong picture! That's because we're not in Manhattan today, nor in Beverly Hills. We are at the ZzzzOOO, with the Cybex Callisto.The Cybex Callisto had some tall orders to fill this trip. Had to be comfy enough for all day at the Zoo, warm enough for a visit to Santa, hardy enough to tackle the underground caves, elegant enough for the Nutcracker Ballet, fold small enough to fit in a horse and carriage, and easily enough so as not to annoy the husband, who would be using it a lot. Start with the ballet suitability...did it pass? I would say so. The Callisto is very sumptuous, very rich. Love the design on the canopy. They are a little different on all the models.
But you can push it back, to better see the lions, or tigers, or Zebras, oh my!
There are currently four Cybex models for sale in the US. The feature rich, top of the line Callisto, and the Topaz, Onyx and Ruby. The main differences are that each model down is a step down in features--i.e. umbrella handles instead of the single bar, less recline, no napper bar, no suspension, etc. But they all have cool designs, you should check them out.
A "hidden benefit"is that Cybex is being distributed by Regal Lager. They are the company that used to distribute Phil and Ted's. Anyone who has ever dealt with them has been impressed by their helpfulness and class. Customer Service is something that everyone needs to consider when buying a stroller. Especially since the higher-end ones aren't cheap anymore. And a lot of people have no choice but to buy online, since they don't have the retailers nearby.
The suspension on the wheels made for a very smooth ride to the underground caves. Check out the aluminum rims! And the deep recline means SP 2.0 could take a long noon nap, after a long day of animal watching.The fabric is a soft brushed cotton, so very inviting. The foot muff I used is the faux fur Maclaren, but you can get a matching one from Cybex. Here you can see some other "designer" features. There is a front visor to help with the low sun rays, a front napper bar, a rain cover, and the single bar handle makes for a great one-handed push. It's height adjustable, too! Yet the Callisto DOES fold umbrella style. How is that possible? Well, to fold it, you first reach down and lift up a latch in the center back, down by the basket. Similar to most umbrella folds, except you lift it with your hand, instead of kicking it. Then, you push the top button in, and the both sides of the handle magically fold inwards, towards each other. So voila! it becomes an umbrella. Pretty cool, actually.
One of my favorite things about the Callisto is the super smooth recline. There is a little handle in the back, which you lightly squeeze. Then the seat gently comes all the way down, to four different positions. The harness is interesting, too. It's a puzzle buckle, like on a car seat. And the strap adjustment is also like your car seat. To loosen the harness, you push on the button on the seat, and pull it out. Then to tighten it, you pull the bottom of the strap.
Another thing I like is how long the leg rest extends. This feature is a make it or break it for us right now, in terms of baby's comfort level. And when baby ain't happy, ain't no one happy! But here, you see he clearly is. Just chillin' and watching the 'Roos.

Weight: 18 pds.
Width 21"
Length: 26"
Height: 41"
Seat Width: 13"
Legrest: 18"
Seat Back: 18"
Seat to canopy: 27.5"
Drop to Footrest: 9"
Seat to Floor: 18"