Has the search for a new stroller become            overwhelming?

Too many choices, Too little time?

Strollerqueen can help! We are available for a personal consultation, to help personally select THE stroller that is most perfectly suited to your needs.

If these questions seem too much, just answer what you can. I will help you to figure it out. Then just click the Paypal button, and we'll get started!

First tell me the age and weight of  the children who will be riding.

Do you want a single, double, or not sure?

Next, what strollers you like or don't like and why.

How tall are you, and anyone else who will be pushing the stroller?

Tell me what kind of environment you live in,(i.e. big city, small town, climate, smooth sidewalks, bumpy areas, etc.).

How about  your lifestyle--i.e.how much walking do you do? Do you go to the beach, or malls, or walk on trails, etc.?

Where do you plan to keep the stroller, i.e. how much storage space do you have?

Do you absolutely need the easiest fold possible?

How much upper body strength do you have, for lifting your stroller in and out of the car? And is this something you will be doing several times a day?

What kind of colors or styles do you like--patterns, plaids, solids? Any particular color you would really prefer?

Is there any feature you MUST have? i.e. big basket, huge canopy, lightest weight, smallest fold, easiest one hand push, narrowest?

These last two Q's are most important...

What you think you might like to use the stroller for? (Of course, everyone sometimes goes to malls, fairs, neighborhood walks, etc. So it is helpful if you can be a little more specific. )

And, do you have an absolute budget? If so, let me know. And don't worry, we'll find the best model for you, within your range.

Once we select the right stroller for you, we can also help you find the best deal! In most cases your savings will easily pay your personal consultation fee.

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If you are lost and confused in Strollerland, let Strollerqueen guide you out of the maze and haze.

Cheers from Strollerland!




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