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Babyhome Emotion Stroller Review

Last Day of School Emotion

Every end of school year brings tears. From me, not the kids. They are shouting for joy and whooping and hollering "SUMMER! SUMMER!" And me, I am crying for another year gone by. And this year, we had not one, but two children graduating. Leaving their schools, moving on. Maybe I don't have any more babies at home to keep my emotions in check, but I do have the Babyhome Emotion.

  Stroller, that is. And it makes me very, very happy.

If you haven't heard of it, the Babyhome Emotion is THE hottest new lightweight stroller to hit our fair shores. As the story goes, Stellario D'Urso was vacationing in Spain. As he was driving down the street, he saw a stroller so amazing, that he screeched on the brakes, jumped out of the car, and ran after it. "What IS this magnificent buggy?" He asked. Or maybe he called it a pram. Or pushchair. It was Europe, after all.

Of course, the answer was the Emotion. He liked it so much, he bought the company! OK, not really. But he DID bring the brand to the US. And we are all so fortunate for that fortuitous moment, when Stellario happened to be driving down that certain street, on that particular day, at that exact minute. What if he had been driving down a different street, at another time? Then we in the US would be bereft of Babyhome, and that would be most unfortunate.

What are people comparing it to? Mostly, the Bugaboo Bee. Because the push is that good. Or maybe even better. So say some. My goodness, these wheels seem self-propelled! Never have I seen such great wheels on a smaller stroller. Perhaps because they are made of the same material as inline skates. 


They just spin, and spin, and spin. Can you imagine trying to roller blade on some of the plastic-y stroller wheels out there? It would be as bumpy as riding a mechanical tiger!

   It definitely is lighter weight than the Bee, by several 8 pounds. And at $299, it retails for less than  half the price. And that's no fish tale, it's the reel deal!

 It is also much easier to fold. And it folds much smaller. It doesn't reverse, but that is the trade-off.

   The design is gorgeous. The sleek, swooping frame is modern and clean.

The lines carry through all the way to the aluminum rimmed basket.

 And look at how easy it is to get into this basket!

  My Emotion is "Black 2 Black", because I really like black frames. But it also comes in silver frames, with several fabric color choices.

 Some taller people also may find the handle on the low side. But for me, it is just perfect. Ergonomically, one of the most comfortable stroller handles I have had the pleasure of pushing.


  Oh, and the canopy flap has a nice, quiet magnetic closure. Again, so clean and sleek.

 As you might imagine, it's performance on the StrollerQueen Obstacle Course was nothing less than stellar. Every time I would hit a big sidewalk crack or tree root,  I would yell to SP 2.0, "Hang on! Hang on!" Because typically, my Stroller Princes would be pitched out in a stroller this small, over rough terrain. If they were not strapped in, that is. But no worries in the Emotion. Those roller blade wheels just glided over the gnarliest bumps. That is an adjustable legrest, too, by the way.

 The Emotion comes with a rain cover and mosquito net.

  You can also get a matching footmuff.

  And there is a "backpack travel bag" to make it the most brilliant summer travel stroller. Distributor Stellario D'Urso shows us how easy it is to get on a plane:

  The new to us Babyhome line also includes high chairs, bouncers, play yards, parasols, and side rails. They are all in stores now.


 Babyhome Emotion

Weight: 16 pounds


Width: 18.5"


Length: 26"


Height: 38"


Seat Width: 12"


Seat Depth: 9"-16"


Seat Back: 18.5"


Seat to Canopy: 25"


Drop to Footrest: 8 "


Seat to Floor: 16"

Folded: 28" x 14" x  18.5 "

 Here's another new product from Europe, the SnoozeShade.


   It was developed by a lovely British "MomPreneur" whose young daughter was having trouble napping with the sun in her face. 


  The SnoozeShade is breathable, said to block out 98% of UV rays, and it fits most all strollers.

A big advantage of this is that it is actually a black-out shade. Which means you finally have a sleep solution, for light sensitive young 'uns.

  I really could have used this yesterday. I was at an all day, outdoors, very sunny festival. After running around, SP 2.0 got very sleepy. And I happened to be using a stroller with a short canopy. And I forgot to bring the SnoozeShade.  So I had to do the sloppy and sliding blanket over the canopy thing, so he could nap.

This one is the "Plus". It has a zip front canopy window, so your child can see out better.


 It is also longer than the regular, so it fits a taller/older child. 

 The SnoozeShade also comes in a version for double strollers, car seats, and play yards.

And when you don't need it, it just folds up neatly into this little net pouch.




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Hmm, I know I wrote this before. Just like the movie GroundHog Day, where Bill Murray is forced to re-live his day over and over. 


  Only last time, I was talking about the Joovy Kooper, and whether Selena Gomez would sing. (She did.)